On Writing and Topics

Okay, okay.  I've been telling my friends for a few years now, I've got a few books in me.  I do not have writer's block.  What I have is perfectionist characteristics.  Hmm.  Who would've thought?  In fact, on my instagram, I actually follow many who claim to be a site of writers block.  I think … Continue reading On Writing and Topics

East Coast Favorite Beaches

If summer time isn't a reason for visiting some of the most fabulous beaches, then fall might be a season to visit while still warm in the south.  Most filled with glorious decadent pristine visions from finding sea treasures to heavenly sunshine.  I wish I had one beach to say it earns a top favorite, however, I find … Continue reading East Coast Favorite Beaches

Employment & Human Resources

I believe in the dynamics of instilling some common sense abilities and rational reasoning into our workplace.  I believe this can be easily be done with little cost from the company before there investment to hire on a new employee.  This though is nothing new, with the exception of layoff’s and cutting costs by downsizing, … Continue reading Employment & Human Resources