Prayer and Those Days

I'm having one of those days.  Ugh. Those kind of days you might share with maybe one or two good trusted friends.  I'm not the kind to go onto social media and bing search my favorite quote that I think is good.  Its just so forever and everywhere.  I wish I could share more, but, what's important, … Continue reading Prayer and Those Days

Employment & Human Resources

I believe in the dynamics of instilling some common sense abilities and rational reasoning into our workplace.  I believe this can be easily be done with little cost from the company before there investment to hire on a new employee.  This though is nothing new, with the exception of layoff’s and cutting costs by downsizing, … Continue reading Employment & Human Resources

Advocating Fine Arts and my Ancestors

I just need to ask,  where are the fine arts going?  Is there little budget in our public schools for some area's or all together?  Has everything become so digital today that small art galleries are disappearing?  Is it only in the arts and crafts fairs held twice a year somewhere locally we envision ones … Continue reading Advocating Fine Arts and my Ancestors