How Dare You Say You Are Depressed

If I were to be homeless I think Id like it. Who, exactly, does that and why? I dream of dropping off the grid, living in a mobile home vehicle and settling where ever, traveling where ever and meeting whomever just for the sake of responsibility to myself, my passions and for the sake of … Continue reading How Dare You Say You Are Depressed

Commentary on Homelessness

This is the response I gave according to a writing and question query and forum.  The first person in the first paragraph is Ducan.  He is 22.  I commented below his story.  This is his story... In high school, I was the class nerd. I had a 4.0, very rarely missed school, and was generally … Continue reading Commentary on Homelessness

Slavery and Human Trafficking

It wasn't my intention to begin an interest of human trafficking.  However, I found myself deeply immersed into research on this topic.  I mean, never, ever, never did I thought it would affect me directly.  And by happen chance ran strait into a highly personal conversation with a young woman who's husband sold her into … Continue reading Slavery and Human Trafficking