How Dare You Say You Are Depressed

If I were to be homeless I think Id like it. Who, exactly, does that and why? I dream of dropping off the grid, living in a mobile home vehicle and settling where ever, traveling where ever and meeting whomever just for the sake of responsibility to myself, my passions and for the sake of … Continue reading How Dare You Say You Are Depressed

The Consequences of Shunning

Repost:  written by C.K Wren For a company to run smoothly there must be harmony, cohesion and respect in the office among the co-workers. Cliques, office politics and shunning people in the workplace can lead to an ineffective office and a hostile work environment. You do not have to like all of your co-workers, but … Continue reading The Consequences of Shunning

We live in an age where people can think, live and believe whatever they want…?

My answer reflects the same on questions and answers site. How can people believe this is good. Their are repercussions for our actions following thoughts in our personal lives. We might not be breaking the law, but, we are annihilating our own consciousness. We are born to know and understand right from wrong and says … Continue reading We live in an age where people can think, live and believe whatever they want…?

Entrepreneur and Side Jobs

So, let me share a little something about myself.  Im a permanent dreamer.  Yes, this really does not get you anywhere.  A mature eighteen year old could write this.  A matured sixty year old could write this.  However, the perks to being a dreamer, even while remaining somewhat hard working into a wait staff position … Continue reading Entrepreneur and Side Jobs

Stress & the Work Place

Every one experiences stress to some degree.  Studies through out the past couple of decades have indicated the rising levels of stress on the job and how much it effects you personally.  Often management behaves with incivility therefor creating a work environment that is unhealthy and unproductive for many employees.  The unfortunate trade off, a high turn … Continue reading Stress & the Work Place