Beauty is All Around You

It really doesn’t matter where you are. Beauty is all around you, weather you live in a city, near the ocean, a part of the forest, the mountains or even in a dessert, you are surrounded by outer beauty. Try to not just walk by when you see a well designed bed of daisy’s. Try to smell in and breathe. Inhale, exhale. Let the nature experience conduct a symphony. Listen to your surroundings as well. See the colors and how intense they are. Be rich in nature, for without out it, what master artist shall we call God? For God gave us our earthly riches. Shall we not appreciate its divinity. For dwellers of the land we are but here but for such a short time.

Let us appreciate the sights, sounds and smells nature gives us. Bring in the perspective, and in its entirety, let us be humbled. Continuity, circle of life, bewildering and complex. This is nature, let it behold you. For beauty is all around you if you just notice me and don’t take me for granted. I will heighten your senses and make you feel, alive!

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