I think as human doings-beings-sapiens we all have amazing capacity for integration, intelligence, reform-change, adaption and God intelligence. God intelligence is our spiritual path towards change. Soul. Intelligence and learning could be reformed as mind. Our ability to adapt to any physical and emotional changes, or reformed to act upon could be visibly seen as the body, in the sense. With all this capacity for healing, learning and practicing, humans have the ability to do so many things. I think their ought to be a procedure for an equation that sums up the total of our behaviors…because this and that so and so happened. cause and effect equals sum. We would want this sum to be positive, any given day can add up to a negative or a positive.

I want you to get excited about the possibilities of healing through mindfulness. I mean, we are all mindful, mostly well mannered socialized folks. I’m talking about the nitty gritty of healthy boundaries. Seriously folks, some are just a running in a zone of their own with cloud 9 or negative 9. Negative 9 is a sad state, a lonely state and it can cause a lot of stress, anxiety or angst or harmful effects to the body including heart conditions and poor rapid response or motor function. Yeah, I’m serious. Getting into arguments with our negative cloud 9 will also do you no good. Who are you trying to fool, you or God?

These statements are factual and will conquer with evidence. So before we get into mindfulness, showing you how stress works is important. Be reminded that without a healthy dose of stress, you might be lifeless. I hope this is not your case. But, severe ongoing stress is really really harmful to anyone. You might be in an emotionally abusive or bankrupt relationship. You might be homeless, or in a state of survival mode. You might be addicted to drugs, adrenaline, or cigarettes. Seriously, a lot of folks have a lot of addictions and that clouds up being mindful and healthy. I know because I’m addicted to cigarettes. How can I tell you this…because I’ve watched my behavior. It waits until the supply and demand are met to feel a sense of ease. Doesn’t this interrupt mindfulness? Yes, it does. It definitely disrupts the healthy mindfulness. But, I’m a work in progress-we all are. That’s not stopping me talking about how get mindful. I got this
It is however, key that one of the first steps to mindfulness is ridding excess stress. This includes highly exciting things and extremely boring things. Too much adrenaline and cortozone are released from the glands in our brain, thus producing an array of diagnosis of harmful bodily functions such as our heart, for example. I hope you are able to recognize when you are under stress before it is too late. Too late would cause psychological and emotional signs of distress such as depression and anxiety, anger, irritability restlessness, unmotivated, racing thoughts or constant worry, poor memory, trouble sleeping and poor decision making. Wow! To take that to the grave is not my ideal of healthy living, nor should I think yours.

Before we got sick, we were not being mindful of mindfulness. Stress happened. Unshaped boundaries happened. We said yes to all the things we knew we shouldn’t had. We became involved in a circle of friends that weren’t good for us. We found out our families were a tad bit crazy, and some of us found out what homelessness was, what addictions were-to cope. We failed at something and we let it go to long, or worse things done unto us that were not of our making; an abusive relationship, violence done unto us, accidents, family wreckers in awful situations. Some that are very common and others not so much heard of. However, once we completely understand without the guilt or shame, and the facts, it really should give you the freedom to be more of yourself. Therefore more open to the baby steps of loosing that extra stress and becoming fully competent adults in society by being mindfulness.

Ok lets talk about stress a little more, we agree that everyone experiences stress to some degree. Mostly stress comes home with us if we are not careful of our boundaries on the job or at school. Studies through out the past couple of decades have indicated the rising levels of stress on the job and much of it effects you personally. Often if management is not trained and uses their power instead of their heads, perhaps even behaving with incivility therefore creating a work environment that is unhealthy and unproductive for many employees. The unfortunate trade off is a high turn over rate of coworkers costing companies efficient production. Many large companies integrate breaks in lovley rooms, stress relieving subordinates of all kinds, of some who can actually come along your side from time to time and other things I’ve heard of through the grapevine. The physiological science behind the evolution of stress is really incredible. Here is one diagram that shows this visually. Notice the stretch of comfort is equal to all four other dynamics. At maximum level we are subdued to fatigue, poor judgment and decision making during a strain. Overwhelmed is exactly what Im talking about, here lies serious health issues, breakdown and burnout.

E ffect correlations from an article of the Harvard Business Review researched exactly this. The title of the essay is called “The Price of Incivility” and its base is performance on the job. Thus includes how the all ready major stress we see in the twentieth century we live. Harvard Heath also says in a short essay some easy breezy tips that many of us have heard of, but do not practice enough; taking a 10 minute walk, eating a healthy snack, visualize a peaceful scene, meditate, pray, immerse in a creative outlet, breathing exercises and a change in environment including; reading, TV, or taking a shower. Simple right. Its that easy. I promise it works. This is proven by doctors to release the proper chemicals in our brains for healthy functioning.

Unfortunately we live in a very fast paced highly over populated world with all kinds of people with very different opinions as well as opposing ones. Jesus didn’t want us to be provoked by the worldly things, instead to focus on Him. I do believe that is righteous. However say your on the spot with a client confrontation that bellies up your heart rate causing major stress…do you stop to meditate? No, so how do you respond? It could be with a great deep breath, inhale-exhale slowly and gain your sense of grounding. Try to focus on your breathing, next begin to become compassionate, even though its a loose loose for you and your client if you cant reassure him/her the details of the win. This step is called grounding. Grounding in the pressure of the moment helps with anxiety and aggressive stress. You can get there by being reminded of this through mindfulness. Because we do mindfulness mostly when we are able to be quiet, its important to get through the first stage of grounding. So when our thoughts become overwhelmed with indecisiveness or pain, we can achieve our boundaries, conquer stress and thoughts all in one by becoming grounded.

Number two has to do with actively listening to our thoughts. If you feel unloved, unworthy, unattractive or disabled by your thoughts-man let me tell ya, your right where you need to be. Ask God to be with you. Ask and plead that He reveals his love. Then ask why do I feel so depressed or overwhelmed or anxious. What was the previous thing you did or thought of. Actively participate on purpose your words or actions. Like me, I thought I couldn’t get enough of traveling. However, having my teen son requires extra responsibility that I cant afford to do the things I used to. Sometimes I feel like my sacrifices for my son are overwhelming and  its just real easy to go down that rabbit hole. Its dark down there ya know. Once here, I need to take my time. Sometimes more than others. I just ask what it is and I listen to what I said in my thoughts. Wow, I like caught myself in a really negative mind set… things during a depression your sometimes unaware of. So I started hearing and listening to this. OK, so step two is active listening. Try to is and we move into step three.

Step three involves repetition and identifying. Repeat and don’t loose this. Repeat and don’t loose this. Ha! Seriously, now you have it to ask questions. So, your like having a bad hair day you think. Some one comes up to you and tells you your hair looks great. You, being in that negative or anxious state of mind just don’t believe her. Thanks you tell her back. But, in the meantime your certain you feel and look bad. Well, how about trying this, step one; ground yourself, step two; listen to your thoughts, step three; repeat it so you can ask step four and you wont dilly around with messy nonconstructive thoughts for the rest of the day.

Step four involves the risk to ask yourself the nitty gritty of why, how, what your motive was behind the stinking thinking to begin with. If your coming up with some truth and it feels right in your gut and your sense of exploration is telling you are on target, then your asking the right questions. Example why do I feel like I’m having a bad hair day. Well, I didn’t wash my hair this morning like I usually do. So what? So I feel awful, almost dirty. Ahh… do you smell? Are you really dirty? Why, is your hair being worn different, up in a bun with some curly ques going around the side of your face…yes. Oh then its just different, it doesn’t look bad. You just feel dirty. You have a secret you didn’t shower. What can you do about that? Lazy is the input your getting. You don’t know why you skipped that shower.

Step five, answers. Answer your lazy self by acknowledging you didn’t have time. You overslept and you needed the extra thirty minutes to sleep. So here it is,…you actually just have a different hair style today. Your not that dirty, you read all night and here it comes…

I’m glad I made it to work, I’m grateful I can take a shower tonight, my God, what if I didn’t have water! Step six, gratitude. On a deeper level most of you reading this have much more serious issues (including myself). This is just an example of how things start rolling into stress, depression, anxiety or just down right in a bad mood. Though you don’t take it out onto others you wish you knew what was bugging you. So being mindful proves to get to gratitude. The simple things. God wants your gratitude anyway and gives this to us as well. The best of being graceful is more grace and praise God for that. There is your peace, your ability to process, your ability to feel well. I feel this too!

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