Can Happiness be Achieved? (Depression #2)


Happiness, as most know, are a combination of ups and downs throughout their lives with hopes, dreams and memorable moments.  The term happiness being used in this chapter is more like an even toned element of situations, conversations and how you see yourself.  Its not always happening, but, there are ways to reach, the most out of your life by being more happier.  What were looking for though, is a term, happiness, in your self, a state of mind that can cope.

So in deed, you should help those or your self become more insightful and educated in this way.  Get ready for a little work, some of us have deep roots that might go back many years or maybe not even that long ago.  The longer the repression or deeper the roots, it might be a little more extended process, but, that’s OK!  Because the exhilaration and peace we have, happens beautifully in just the right time, when your finally able to be happy.  So, lets get started with some simple exercises by finding what best suites you and your hardships.  Lets take a look at what are some of the feelings or things that have happened to you or things that have escaped you or repressed that leaves us and people clinically depressed.  These are in no particular order;  I also like to include that just as everyone’s chemistry make up is different, different things effect different feelings or area’s in different variables. Of course they do, duh!  …

Bullying, estrangement, isolation, outcast-ed,  violated, sabotaged, loneliness, trauma, addicted, disappointed, burned out, lost, loss from death, stolen from,  betrayal, rape, molested, triangulation, false and or relationships with abusers, boundaryless and controllers, constant physical abuse, trauma induced bond, constant gossip, neglected, ashamed, embarrassed, abused both physically and emotionally, biased and sabotaged and the list goes on.

Now lets take a look at unmanaged emotions and see what it can do to you.  It can leave you feeling; isolated, shameful, lonely, fear, panic, afraid, free floating anxiety, angst, hopeless, suicidal, psychotic, escalated negative self talk, helpless, hopeless, sleep extended hours, lying in bed all day, over or under eating, completely shut down,  lost, loosing money,  jealous, trapped, confusion, pain filled thinking, physical pain,  restlessness, shakes, agitation, explosive, restless, sighing constantly. unworthy, unforeseeable, unforgiving, unloved and the list goes on.  Also remember you can be experiencing all or what seems like all,  or only one that is to any degree.

Do you see anything that might represent something in the last paragraph?  Yes, its anger.  You are angry.  One or many of those situations that happened to you out of your control done by yourself or someone else left you mad.  Angry.  I mean really really angry.  You don’t want to hurt anyone else, so shit, unintentionally, it should be someone, so its you.  Its you that you damage worse than the first time around. Some people might call you on it if and when its time to get busy to heal, you might miss it.  In today’s tossed up busy you can do lives, I’ve witnessed many loved ones will not agree with your emotions, behavior and or actions.

You need help.  Say it, say it out loud, to God.  Come on… get busy living, not dying your emotional death.  Say this privately…!   “I  NEED  HELP”  Cry, scream, whisper…no one cares so long as you are not endangerment of the law.  God hears you.  Believe.

Now, a few things will or can happen;  you or a close friend/relative will sign you in to a hospital.  Or you can choose happiness on your own.  However….You must have a good support group in place, persons and councilors, psychiatrists and preferably Christian friends who can help you maintain your innocence again.  Some start at 16, some start at 66.  It doesn’t matter unless it matters to you, that you are whole, healthy and in a sense, redeemed.  The last thing will happen to you, if you haven’t realized it yet, you will self destruct.  If no-one believes you or in you, or you haven’t any one to truly trust, that your  have been in a downward spinning circle then, only then will you seek out help or you will self destruct.  I don’t want to see anyone self destruct. As a nation we are built on imperfect people, today we are built on dysfunctional-ism.

Many American behaviors are self destructive and are involved with things like alcoholism and obesity.  This depression thing is just one more to top off the round with.  People need to get involved and help.  I want to be here to help, name it and claim it.  So…Feel the anger, feel the severity of your loss of one or many things………then grieve.   (This is a very very short post considering the chapters in my book.)  But, my main point  and my theory is to begin to see your self as a child again, or teen, or older or as young as an infant.  There is the innocence.  That is how God see’s you.  Innocent as Christ has died for you and your sins, for they are innocent like snow.  I believe that this is a process.  It could be a very long time and depending upon how familiar or 44th time your getting depressed again, you can recover fully. I believe with some good tools, some long time prayer and meditation, you can shine again or at least beam a little.  We can love, we can be loved, we can respect ourselves, respect others.   Its a leap babe, but, you can do it, I did !!

All things, people, places have their time.  All things are flawed since beginning of time.  Fighting the good fight is not being naive, biased or corrupt.  We are all the same deep inside, all born under the same sun.  We are eager to grow, become life long learners in Gods magnificent Grace.  Please recognize I am referring to a level of care for yourself and others to do what is best for your life.  Not towards being selfish, foolish or naive in any way that could potentially harm you instead.  Its almost not fair to not be good to yourself.  Why would you or I not recognize God gave us a living purpose, one of living, not dying, one of grace, not of blame…Jesus did this for you all ready, and that is amazing.

So, for those who like to know are some statistics that to me are not really any surprise, but rather, worrisome on a whole. According to Time magazine, reports indicated a whopping 16 million Americans at some point in their lives, live or deal with clinical depression,  That’s like 14% of our population or 1 out of ten. Not good, just not good.   Imagine how many people you see everyday that suffer.   This  doesn’t include the ones who are ashamed to admit, come forward and or ask for help.

So, its up to you yourself to get help or the one who needs to help someone else.  Remember in this hurry up fast paced life, you might feel some hesitation because you yourself are busy, but, you are helping someone in need,  that is your life or someone else and or allowing healing for that is a blessing.   Elementary said, but…don’t you agree that happiness is a choice that can be achieved?

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