We live in an age where people can think, live and believe whatever they want…?


My answer reflects the same on questions and answers site.

How can people believe this is good. Their are repercussions for our actions following thoughts in our personal lives. We might not be breaking the law, but, we are annihilating our own consciousness. We are born to know and understand right from wrong and says so in the bible or other organizations… to not be BIAS in my answer.

However on a different note, their seems to be both biased and distorted thinking of doing what ever you want. For example, a common place in society and the world of career, take acceptance of everyone in every way very seriously. You can not stay employed if you have a problem with this.  Is this acceptance any different from living how one wants. I think not. It seems on the outside, peaceful. On the inside its really causing an illusion, more submission into a controlling or conforming environment that is part of this world we live in. Many think that is just fine, but, I do not. Conforming to the melting pot is not peaceful to our mind and is it not a paradox in thinking this is not irrelevant.

NO? Have you really really opened your eyes. Let go of today’s culture and look around, people are desensitized in every direction, from video games to personal interactions to your thought process.  I believe this leads one to conform to a superficial closer world, and all will seem right and peaceful, yet there will be inner turmoil and thoughtless acts. The paradox is that God gives us choices, decisions and character…that will reflect more of him, not the world.  I find this disappointing.

Again, there are consequences for doing whatever you want. Its kind of like: what you see in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Was that real or just a persona of doing whatever you wanted.  Example a(b+c)=bliss. Is bliss an inclusion of ignorance?  Or is it choice.   Its your choice to be, do, act, say or believe anything you want, I try to remember it is a choice. Maybe I”m passionate of my beliefs and projection, however, this is a great question to answer or think about. Because I think we are all thinking about it.

II Timothy 1 – 5   …and in the last days, people will be lovers of themselves…(*boastful, proud, arrogant, disobedient and wicked)….   *parts of verses.

Be Blessed.

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