Slavery and Human Trafficking

custom-poster-1It wasn’t my intention to begin an interest of human trafficking.  However, I found myself deeply immersed into research on this topic.  I mean, never, ever, never did I thought it would affect me directly.  And by happen chance ran strait into a highly personal conversation with a young woman who’s husband sold her into sex acts.  (This woman is now in hiding at  a local shelter)  I just thought, as much as anyone wants to save the world, uh hem,  well some of us do, and as much I care about social justice issues, this just hit my heart. Its not an easy grasp.  Its ugly, its so disturbing and quite helpless for these girls.  So, I thought Id bring about my own take into this real but hidden issue.  If your not looking for the signs, there’s a good chance you walk by a girl everyday that you have no idea about her tortured life.  Perhaps there is a way I can bring about awareness and help these women through methods of various means for which I hope to do more research of.

I might say, I am not much into celebrities.  I honestly don’t even know who sings what today, lol.  However,  I found some interesting material and blogs carried out by Carry Underwood, or her assistant.  She and a few other celebrities  has really rocked the boat concerning human trafficking.  Her stand up and fight page, seemed the most deeming from the eight different celebrities joining into this non profit group according to research via the famous google.  You might think that from India to China to foreign unheard of countries only struggle with this issue.  But, United States our country, is now a target for human trafficking.  Its time to start recognizing some of these signs even your own daughter might be subjected to.  Its horrible and as I stated earlier, Its ugly and so very very troublesome.

February 22nd is Carrie Underwood’s symbolic day to mark a large red x on the back of your hand.


In 2011, a man, started a coalition to stand up against human trafficking.  He is working out of Portland Oregon and continues to bring about men to volunteer behind the scenes of this horrific shame of crime.  I am so proud, as he is a Christian, that he can and has been doing this for years.  He states from my research that men started this, men need to stop this.  I am thrilled there are so many people who want to engage in this social justice issue!  This form of abuse, including emotional violation, domestic abuse and in and of itself is a revolving door and creating a generation of hurt so large it must be stopped.  It is connecting a world of population that even India claims as the second highest paying industry. Imagine that?


January is human trafficking awareness month.

The picture above is one of the best research books I could find.  Its terribly terrific the amount of work and research considering it is studied throughout the world.

Another more than representational view is a superbly done research blog here on WordPress called sex work research.  Both are amazing although our WordPress companion has outdone his/her scholarly research and can be seen through the list of blogs I follow on the side bar.

To rid the world of this disease, and it is, is not in any way an easy task or job.  To do so, one would utmost want to professional help the victims.   This would require sometimes years of therapy in and of itself the beginning and the end.  One would have to not only remember, but to some extent regress to begin to understand what healthy would be.  Then the victim would also have to learn new thinking skills and or perhaps the fact of mental illness has stained their soul and mind.  There would be numerous attempts at self discovery, self love, forgiveness and a process to change their thinking of worthiness that slavery would have a huge impact on.

Imagine…these girls all around the world, not born into, but, sold into slavery.  Some  ran away as tweens and found themselves at the mercy of a different kind of pimp on an empty promise.  I couldn’t fathom the idea of being held in a cage or a room or worse case scenario, like the movies, drugged up like some kind of animal.  The buyers are just as rotten, a subdued conscience with an urge to not rape, even if their owner does.  Its a horror scene no one wants to look at.  Kids being taken from their very own neighborhoods, stolen.  The horrific in demographics show not only in Cambodia, India or China, but, that each culture is hard to pin down as one captured trait, but, a numerous of variables play, from mafia, to distorted and criminal organizations in the underground trade and those scumbags who work by themselves or more.


Now, for the past decade word is spreading that American’s are truly a target.  I keep mentioning,  just as knowledge and over population occurs rapidly, so does this scary and real human trafficking also rapidly breed right here in our very own country.   Be aware.  We could make a difference one at a time.  To call for help is not a shame, game or even a concern for fear.  Your validation will become one more by saving grace to a girl or even a boy, and older youth as well.  Tennessee, because of its easy access from 95 and North Carolina make one of the highest states from this traffic literally including New York and California that make some of the top states for this crime.


If you are in trouble, know anyone in trouble, or wish to be free…first visit 

I personally called the number on a Saturday morning to see how long it would take for an advocate to answer, not bad considering the weekend at 2 minutes or less !!  I talked with a very nice woman and asked many questions. They will not only console you but, have local chapters to a safe place where ever you are calling from.   This is REAL !!!  Please report anything unusual you have a hunch about.  You might think of this to be nothing, but, if it is, you and your hunch will have saved a young daughter or son, released from a tortured prison into freedom to live the life that one person can live perhaps normally.  These kids are our kids, someones daughter, someones son.  You can help spread the word by checking into your states chapter, google makes that easy.

FOR HELP OR REPORTS…..CALL  the National hotline                               1-888-373-7888 

Christ has no body now but yours.  No hand, feet, eyes or hands, but yours.  Christ walks to do good.  You are the hands with which Christ blesses the world.  -St. Teresa.




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