On Writing and Topics

Okay, okay.  I’ve been telling my friends for a few years now, I’ve got a few books in me.  I do not have writer’s block.  What I have is perfectionist characteristics.  Hmm.  Who would’ve thought?  In fact, on my instagram, I actually follow many who claim to be a site of writers block.  I think it’s funny in a cynical yet contagious and inspiring way.  Yes, Im flawed, a tad bit cynical.  I must voice though, because really writer’s block definition is nothing but a bunch of words put together;   It might just be lazy, incompetent, not creative, other things taking priorities, can’t get organized, unspiritual, uncreative, disconnected, other issues and a blank mind cuz your really not in the mood to write!  That almost sounds cruel, well, maybe cruel to be kind.

I am the type thats needs to be visually organized to complete a good project.  Like I said, I’ve got a few books to write.  Actually, in all honesty and whisper,  I have collected research, mostly statistics,  from the Harvard Business Review, Yale Reviews and other associations including Government Agencies.

A few years back, I had written quite a few pages of a science fiction type story, that I noticed was very redundant.  So, from hours of painstaking fingers pounding 36 single spaced lined pages I discovered that, after reading it, in some peaceful quiet time, the whole thing was incredibly redundant.  Im certain many authors and other writers can relate to this once in while or more or less, but, after hours of editing, it came down to about ten pages!  Really!  Ugh, the nerve.  I mean, yeah, I get the “writers block” whole thing.  The editing not so much.  It’s also my reason for “writers block”.  I do not like to see my own redundancy. I prefer to be perfect, isn’t that funny.  Too bad that is not realistic.

However this is the truth; I have a dozen or so, large separated foam poster boards on one wall in my home.  I’ts designed like an criminal investigation with pinned up colored index cards and greeting arrows that yarn helps with.  This actually is a form of mapping.  Up goes the handwriting – oh you know how it is, idea’s, research, titles, chapters, supported confirmations, superb paragraphs that are out of blue, thoust, believing it must be written because it WILL belong in one of my books.  (someday)

However, most excellent writers do not have to do all this organizing.  I believe they actually prefer a nice mess of papers flowing scattered everywhere. Actually…I have done that, been there and still do.  The whole coffee thing, yessem, cups keep on coming, then that damn cigarette defusing and just dangling there, like out of mouth, one after another, inhale and puff, and deeply immersed into tunnel vision while thy typist thy keyboard and I suddenly realize Im on my fourth cig in 30 minutes.  Oh, even my shorts and tee are the same from three days ago.  I do a quick shower daily, nevertheless, I wont wash my hair, Im in too much of a hurry and tug up my shorts half wet and wedge over my overlarge tee.  But, I’m a lover of writing and this is what its like, right… I mean this is normal, right…

Now, Im like thinking, ya know,  seriously… this needs to change.  Its time to be organized. I cant smoke anymore and the whole too many coffee cups are getting me agitated.  So that’s why I like my organizational boards, they serve a greater purpose.

Well and so, I do have some topics I have been interested in for a very long time.  In fact and on the contrary with time, everything keeps changing, and while change is always the one thing that’s constant, these up coming years, say 2020,  will prove to be a super influx of this constant super change.  I still plan on incorporating the many social justice issues I care about into pamphlets, articles and hopefully a few books.  But, I thought I would share the bulleted list below of the topics I care about to research.  The list, though, could be incorporated into perhaps just a few books combined or each subject carries perhaps published articles.  Here it is;

  • The advantage of organization.
  • Population poverty; capitalism, communism or freedom, God’s design for our lives.
  • Crisis intervention teams through current day training into police force and violence in America.
  • Grief, loosing family, loved ones and how to cope within stages, reinforcement and  beginning again.
  • Today’s current churches.  Are we headed into a division of religion and how to discern the right church for you.
  • Raised in dysfunction or abuse and what happens in your adult years.
  • What is human trafficking?  Statistics of population, barriers and introductions  to heal the trauma.
  • The effects of current tech culture,  addiction to gaming and social media?  Has every century witnessed “good and bad” stages of change.
  • Art therapy and mind mapping for anyone.
  • Overpopulation, what effect this having on the world.
  • Looking behind the faces; homelessness.  Statistics and barriers.
  • Mental Health in America, have we declined in statistics and why.

I started to design a powerpoint presentation, I mean seriously, what’s going on in our communities?  I think anyone, especially empaths, can be observant to the obvious separation of societies and classes that must notice drastic changes.  So then,  within all social justice issues, including mental health, who is it that really cares, who helps and what’s the truth according to God’s will.

mental health

mental health3


Alright then, let’s see, I suppose there are many topics I would love to study, write, inform and teach about to others.  Im mostly aware of all these topics as it is… So, I just need to get over the “writer’s block” and get to work, writing.

I love the Psalms when looking for justice and confirmation.  Here, the writer, or prophet from God, goes on to say in Psalms chapter 45:1-8 that he will write a lovely poem to the King.  His heart is overflowing with joy expressing his gratitude towards the King’s  words that are filled with grace.  The author goes on to include the King is defending truth, humility and justice.

I often like to think that God gives us many talents.  Each unique even if the same.  Although these verses are not directly speaking about them or talents, they do include the beauty of justice for conquering the enemy, as such…  This reminds me of issues the world has always faced in different ways, and I personally love to help resolve and research social justice issues as you can see from my list.  However, the verses include that I love as well, that is actually inherently a mix up of the entire poem… says,    “May they be used to grant such wisdom and that justice is your royal scepter (O God).  Love what is good and hate what is wrong.”  …is actually just a tip of the iceberg of some of the issues I care about so much.

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