Entrepreneur and Side Jobs

So, let me share a little something about myself.  Im a permanent dreamer.  Yes, this really does not get you anywhere.  A mature eighteen year old could write this.  A matured sixty year old could write this.  However, the perks to being a dreamer, even while remaining somewhat hard working into a wait staff position might be the sacrifice of wanting something to come true.  That is good.  It is also not practical.

You and I both know the amount of research you need to pursue in order to get that great position or finally landing a position, though not ideal, but, part of what you love.  On your way there, there are tons of resources to help you narrow down your niche if you are very good at quite a few things.  A couple tests I would recommend is the personality career test , Mapp,  is very popular and hopefully its great to be validated here.  The second very popular one is the Meier Briggs test.  Both will cost you under one hundred dollars, and if interested google search both of these.

Through a private highly accredited and motivational employment session, I learned everything takes time if want it bad enough.  It sometimes seems that most really good people were lucky enough to a support system to encourage them through trials and errors while allowing the growing pains of independence that brought them through college and then onto other work opportunities.  Im glad for them, we wouldn’t have great role models without them.  Lesson:  Please take yourself seriously enough to know you matter.  Your skills, talents and ethics matter.  Pray to God to show you your way.  Allow him to speak through your life, your thinking and your choices.

So, even while your waiting on that gig or break, here is a link to some idea’s you can do until your tick tock niche comes through.  https://www.thesimpledollar.com/five-sidhustles-even-your-grandma-could-try/   This little reference was sent email by one of the outstanding employment mentors I had.  Have a look see.

Now, understanding yourself is important.  Almost everybody believes they can do anything.  This is not true unless you plan on spending a good part of your life dedicated to whatever that might be.  Im saying this for one, to save time from trial and error.  And even if it is something you love, how can you use that to either inspire or succeed at enough to earn a living.

So, like, I happen to be a great colorist, all things come natural and symmetry does too.  I also have some nice penmanship.  I also recently became hired for something I’ve been looking for, however, I decided to look into other companies that might get me started into a position that I would enjoy for extra income to meet my needs.  So, because it is less than 30 hours I have had some extra time to research a sidekick that might bring it on.  So like the popular etsy and many other sites have your niche for also earning some extra income.  So, I’m glad I did the research, it was fun.  However, I learned I do not think at this time, this would benefit my schedule or increase by income by much, plus I also learned this might work better after or before early retirement.

By Hand Calligraphy Cards and Invitations

So, I was thrilled.  I searched google for paper stores, called a few for prices and stock samples.  Um…  (pricey).  I remember my graphic design class way back when our professor gave us address to order sample paper.  I received a whole box, up to 30 pounds or so for FREE.  Anyway, I decided if I went local, I could get business local. I can be quite gregarious at times and that would  help generate some of the business marketing.  Plus, I love setting up websites, here is some of what I would had included;

Stock and Assorted Colors




(above is scrapbook paper designs that look beautiful inside a wedding invitation)

The average card and envelope, including rsvp card, table number or name cards and reception cards if needed could cost me plenty, but in actuality sells in between  $3 – $12 bucks per person including a bundle or a simple hand written envelope.  My calligraphy pen is a tad bit old, so I would have to invest in another well made pen.  Like I said, this research was great, however, through trial and error…measuring all the variables. I will wait with this one. In my case it’s about time.

So, you can do  research before you actually start  the business. This is quite a bit, consideration, variable and money. However, just remember if your time is limited in any way, try to understand you need to have all your ducks in a row.  Don’t forget the marketing , advertising and business licences. Happy entrenuership hunting.


Psalm 37:4  Take the delight of the Lord, for He shall give you the desires of your heart.


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