How do you get Organized? God’s Plan.


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Technically and subordinate or statically…  they are a population that is not only just like any other illness, or mental disorder, but, they can not breath if anything is rearranged.  1 out of 1000 people suffer from this.  Somehow at unusually high statistics considered by the W.H.O. as a possible now known problem that has social workers and psychiatrists baffling a very uncommon, yet hidden common, population.

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I happen to have a natural gift symmetry and visuals included color and the flow of space, I decided to get into some research that is well, actually… pretty common sense.   I’ve searched everywhere when I Through my own dysfunctional family, I myself, was witnessed to a upbringing of survivor organization.  More like procrastination.  I wanted answers behind this puzzling and actually crippling disease.  However, the cure behind disorganization is really a cover for trauma, meaning they need connection instead of detachment which is quite common among hoarders.  Many of these people have no criminal backgrounds, perhaps a touch of mental illness… depression or p.t.s.d..   However, in order for this kind of popular to be reached, it is always a very time consuming process.  Granted funds to research in health organizations often need empirical evidence to comparisons of societies at risk vs the chosen area’s population… Thus, creates a whole lot of work.  
I will never forget the first three clients I had done as pro-bono to expose my business.  These were desperate people, comfortable in their discomfort, examined by no-one except a visiting family member coming week to week.  
Severe cases have nothing to do with just getting organized.  I just admit, the pure drama, was enough to consider,  if you were really going to go all out in this pursuit as a business and a caring person.  The plan to execute, is really about being a mental health professional.  Somewhere, there is trauma, loss, disassociation and severe damage to that person that needs to be addressed before beginning to the hoarders population  
Jesus loves that person, you and your life.  So, I went to the extremes a little, yet, it happens and really I wished not to pursue this population any longer, its actually quite upsetting.  
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So, now, down to the organization itself in your home.  Organization is God’s plan for a life well lived on earth.  He is King.  Amen.  Yet, we all seem to not only fall short of this glorious plan,  we invade it.  Even if God’s love is so sound and so almighty and so reassuring, that you literally fear Him.  He has a beautiful design for our lives. 
The book I give kudos for, organizing in your family, if bought is worth an extra two -three hour read.  You will find things you always knew, and then recognize how God wants us so much in commune with him.  The world has a very loud voice.  Be wary of what you hear, even inside your private mind.  I wish for you, a God filled, spirit filled, and break through, from what the world continues to think and therefore, ultimately submitting to a worldly presence, that might have you turned upside down, inside out, and confused.  Hey…  Know what?  The world doesn’t care.  You just got to get down to getting out the bad stuff and prioritize…  in other words,  Prioritize and Get Organized !!   The book’s picture here, above,  is a very old book, yet it is timeless in Our World.  God’s gifts are sometimes presented in the mot surprising of ways.  I’m constantly overwhelmed with his love, just when I think I am in trouble. 


Any whoo… This is about YOU….yes YOU, u are special, you could be rich, or poor, military, government, under worthed or unpopular, or very popular with special gifts.  It doesn’t matter peeps.  YOU ARE BLESSED !!  Now, I hope you will consider prioritizing and setting up some working solutions towards a better and blessed life.  Its a small part of life that makes it up real big.  Its your choice.  Consider the book, its awesome, also perhaps doing some research through the National Association of Professional Organizers.  (N.A.P.O.)  Remember, a no brainer, but be prepared to make time to in order to make the most of your time.  With an organized routine, we get a lot further than those who don’t.  Try to  make time, to make extra time to do the things in life God wants for you.   
In Christ… Ellie 

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