Prayer and Those Days

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I’m having one of those days.  Ugh.

Those kind of days you might share with maybe one or two good trusted friends.  I’m not the kind to go onto social media and bing search my favorite quote that I think is good.  Its just so forever and everywhere.  I wish I could share more, but, what’s important, is that I seek God’s mercy, forgiveness, grace and love.

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My soul is thirsty and in a complicated state of mind and dear or dear, my ocd (lol) praying mind keeps searching for answers.  I know God doesn’t give us answers so much as when we want them exactly at that time, but,  mostly…seeking His peace, can bring clarity to a situation.  I try on gratitude for size and find its ok to have a really sad day.  My Mother’s birthday was yesterday.  We held a small ceremony.  I cried a little and even more to hear my 15 year old son’s semi-four minute speech.  I love him. He did well.

Its OK to grieve.  Its OK if its not going your way.  Its OK to be blessed beyond anyone could fathom within the paradox of giving and taking.  The understanding to acknowledge where you have been, done, said or didn’t do.

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Talk to God.  I love that I can do that, everyone does… in there own way, but, I really talk to him, like a friend.  I share, cry, pray for others, I have been ashamed before God of my own sins and worthy of praise he is.  As stated many times before, he is our loving Father, without instruction and correction, how would we know how to grow righteously.  But, just like anything… practice, read, perhaps dedicating a certain time of day or week to talk to Him out loud, yell if you want, I have or used to, when I lived in the country.  Its crazy,  those unleashed words that sputter like some kind self righteous child,  but, this to is OK.  A few hours later, seriously, I’m calmed and God validates my concerns, he mourns with me if they are a conceptual problem in character that is not Christ like.  I praise him.  I praise you, God.

One day at a time is not just some sentiment, there is value in that statement, sometimes, in order to move forward, we take ten steps back, that’s OK too.  I think just being in commune with God is a work in progress, because the meaning of life is not so complicated, its about LOVE.  Love is action and choice and decision and dedication and letting go and sacrificing our own wants, lusts and humanity for the sake of the other, through Christ.

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So, yeah, Im having a sad day.  He is with me though and its OK.

No matter how dark the sky, how discouraging the circumstances, how desperate the situation, God is there–a God who is too good to forget and too great to fail. God is there, his mighty arm ruling this universe for him, redeeming all who will let him, and reinforcing any who respond to him in faith and obedience.

I love that, …redeeming all who will let him.  Its Ok to be discouraged today.  I Just know in another hour, another new day,  I will not give up.  God doesn’t,  why should you or I?

Be Blessed.

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