East Coast Favorite Beaches


If summer time isn’t a reason for visiting some of the most fabulous beaches, then fall might be a season to visit while still warm in the south.  Most filled with glorious decadent pristine visions from finding sea treasures to heavenly sunshine.  I wish I had one beach to say it earns a top favorite, however, I find each beach has its own boast, from waves to the type of sand, to the  ecological finds,  sunsets, and close enough proximity for the public bath house or hotel, all of which are  each amazing.

Massachusetts is where I grew up, so naturally I am declined to adhere to the fabulous beaches of New England.  Nantucket Island and Martha’s Vineyard is a sure bet for a family vacation.  They have amazing beaches and tons to choose from, from high cliff’s setting a tone in the back of you, to amazing shell finding and soft sandy beaches.  A great town to visit with lots of publicity and with its nearing beaches I find truly a treat to visit is Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.  This adorable and quaint town with all the surrounding water and choice of beaches is well worth your time for a day or the week.

In my small list of favorite beaches that I mention, it might be worthy to note that, according to American best beaches surveys, to which some I have visited, is not off the list entirely.   I just prefer those with good strong waves, along with a popularized crowd their is enough natural landscaped room to walk towards a more unexplored area, and good sand whether smooth or lightly sanded rough enough to plant your feet in while enjoying a hours long ride with the waves.  Also note that, some beaches have a stronger undertow depending upon the Atlantic’s weather patterns during the week.  If not indicated many have different variables to the size of the waves either due to being more concave from land or the depth of the oceans floor before the edge. Here is my small list of fav beaches:

Ogunquit Beach, Maine:
Pristine, diversity, shops, quaint town, cold sea water, great walking, both gentle and large waves depending upon weeks weather.  Note:  Out of stators;   However, as times change, since an early adult, this beaches atmosphere has most likely progressed and if concerned with diversity and or French Canadians, this might be worth it to own your own, because regardless its just that great of a ocean front and quaint beach town.  It is of course friendly so however and if you happenstance to be offended by diversity or natural like un-conservatives,  I would like to stress that this sea shore and beach  is a must visit along with golden  treasures and fabulous local activities in and around this area including low tide here at Ogunquit Beach.

Murrells Inlet Beaches, South Carolina:
Pristine, warm sea water in August, waves, shells, natural dunes and wildlife including a treat on the eyes for dolphins jumping close enough to the shore near fall season.  Sunset Beach, North Carolina. (hard to find public parking if on secondary route), this is great for hand gliders. shells, and if you enjoy finding an off the beaten path, there is  a genuine find for nature within close proximity of the S.C. and N.C line. Super nice north and south of the coast line!!

Good harbor Beach, Gloucester, Massachusetts
Clean and good waves, pictorials from light house, walk to island low tide meters away, walk bridge, and plenty of sea exploring ecology from the sea to a river that runs high to low tide.  Really excellent for kids of all ages.  This is a mostly a public beach from both locals and Bostonian’s within the area, however, since I last visited, tourism and new residents from anywhere started taking quite a notice to this place.  Absolutely a great beach to enjoy midway waves and bringing your children here.  (Public parking, but, near the beach parking; pay the fines in tow away zones for quarter parking, two minutes late and your car will be towed.)  This hit or miss spot is an absolutely gem for beach goers, family, and walkers alike  (great beach for evening low tide walking).  Out of state?  You will love it regardless its locality. There is also a great small beaches, and parks surrounding the whole area
Wenngaersheek Beach, Gloucester, Massachusettes
My favorite beach for sunsets and shells, (and sand dollars) is Winngaersheek Beach that is also located more west of Gloucester, MA.  It is truly my favorite for walking low tide towards the brazened  colored spectacle walking onward with a nostalgic red-orange obtuse yet seemingly hazy disappearing sun off the horizon. Parking fee, food shack and bath house, great for toddlers, lots of tide pools low tide, a very nice family friendly beach.

Manchester by the Sea, Massachusettes   
With purging and convexities of noted rich geographical natural recourses like the protruding eminence of solid like gracious formations including the mixture of slate and granite, I would suppose, this makes for stupendous foam like white water crash, within seconds a splendor of tyrannical uproar, as thus being quite a natural spectacular in both vision and our senses, the absolute of oxygen filled white water baffles the ears and eyes of excellence in nature.  Because I was I resident there, even though renting, I can honestly tell you this is a spectacular place for a picnic on the rocks.  Several “hidden” paths bring you to points of interest, perhaps by asking one of the pristine and loyal heritage locals.  You might be friendly redeemed that is unless you are a solo seeking spirit, which seems to go blissfully unnoticed.    However, there is local community park that adheres to visitors if you seek or google search some absolutely worthy breath taking views,  so if sitting on a high cliff of solid rock and having the absolutely best view par pair, just ask some locals.  Great for scuba divers, cliffs, and smashing white water ocean waves against the rocks.

New Symrna Beach, Florida  
Excellent amenities close by, quaint town, restaurants, hotels.  Great for surfing, miles of beach for walking, exploring and swimming.  Warm to cool water, pristine, be wary of strong undertow during certain weeks, soft sand and great for families.  Drive to your parking spot on the beach itself, further south has less traffic, but is congested in the middle.  Not as many sea treasures, but the waves, smooth sand and hot sunshine make up for a fabulous beach day or vacation.  For those who need it, bring plenty of sunscreen.

Sarasota State Park Beach, Florida
Okay, so this is west coast Florida, however worth a mention.   Water is beautifully warm during summer and mostly pristine, you can actually see your feet through the water, there are large gentle rolling waves so you can walk out far and swim for hours.  Beautiful beach, bath house, not congested at all, you might even feel a bit secluded.  Trees along coast line offers shade along with a very few picnic tables. Parking fee, bath house and the city is close by to visit, absolutely a great sea and energetic town with tons to offer.

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