Stress & the Work Place

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Every one experiences stress to some degree.  Studies through out the past couple of decades have indicated the rising levels of stress on the job and how much it effects you personally.  Often management behaves with incivility therefor creating a work environment that is unhealthy and unproductive for many employees.  The unfortunate trade off, a high turn over rate or getting some pretty nasty behavior from coworkers that eventually trickles down into their home environment, creating more stress and or the sustainability of habitual emotions that give way to burnout or to ailing physical illnesses.  Often, management gets treated rudely and unbeknownst to them, also treats employees in the same manner. Companies everywhere could start evolving with coping and strategies that help them to not to continue cause towards high employee turnover or stress burnout.

So, I am not sure how I ruminated such information by clicking through internet headlines here, but I ended up with a nice tail of some professional research that got the job done.  In Sunday’s online newspaper from the NY Times, ( 2015/06/21 ) under the opinion section, a writer discusses the most recent survey taken from thousands of workers including some of the well best know companies from fortune 500.  Here lies proof of what I or you have all ready know for years.  The title of this informative essay is called, ‘No Time to be Nice at Work’.  Sure, all of us can agree, we do not always behave nicely at work when were on task, on duty or on presentation due assignment.  I mean what’s to be nice about.  Work is work and we just do it, get it done…  Right?  Well, actually the essay from ‘No Time to be Nice at Work’ concludes employee burnout.  Another essay from the link of the Florida Academy of Management Studies, we see a confirmation of the results on how behavior on the job effects personal and employee’s, (see table below).  And yet even another essay blogged from The Harvard Business Review researched employee’s behavior , called ‘The Price of Incivility’.  I agree!  At some point, especially the millennial’s, will need some people skills period.  Are they not consumed with over consumed social media?  Though, I noticed, even our local community college offers a class in people skills.  Perhaps a money investment, also perhaps the generational gap that needs this simply because our kids need this.  Really, they are being raised by interactive media!  Right?

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The results and discussion here is not by far primitive, but indeed coincides with the twentieth century we live in.  Seriously, most of us who do not already have our dream job, or even for those who do, must observe this happening on an everyday basis. Often people get dismissed, insulted or even hollered at when an employee starts to show signs of shutting down or complains of stress.  I tell you, you might be better at some things than others and vise versa, but, its becoming a world where if you cant handle stress, your a goner. The bigger picture of our current workplace demands more required on the job tasks than that of even twenty years ago.  Its a different world than say 15 to 20 years ago.  I found the illustration below a very fair assessment of peoples performance while on job and maintaining an anywhere kind of average or above average ‘titled’ position within the eight hour work day.  Notice the level of pressure under comfort level consumes far less than the others!

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So, on the contrary and despite the  contradiction, until I turn my veins into steel or by some fat chance I join some sort of presidential campaign administration, Im still up for dubs.  In fact, the state and national level records statistics at a lower percentage of unemployment staggering off and on throughout the nation since 2009 -11 major recession, anywhere from 5 to 13 percent.  Also many people are working two or more part time positions into anything they can get.  Not many local companies in small town America wants to pay out for insurance either.   Small town America suffers most notably at percentages of higher unemployment as well.  Even cities have there place…there is a notifiable feast or famine disguised throughout.   This is true, just open your eyes.  Still though, Im a great believer in a work place that offers seminars through human resources.  One of such that can easily be taught is conflict resolution and having a game plan for all employee’s to participate in rewarding events by boosting moral, nominations and lectures with interactive conversations.  If you are not all ready employed at such a place.  I would want to encourage and empower the coming years of human resources and see them incorporate some inexpensive training for managers, CEO’s or the human resources department.

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