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I believe in the dynamics of instilling some common sense abilities and rational reasoning into our workplace.  I believe this can be easily be done with little cost from the company before there investment to hire on a new employee.  This though is nothing new, with the exception of layoff’s and cutting costs by downsizing, especially a few years back,  while monetarily gaining profits even with the advantages of companies relocating manufacturing to offshore premises most presumably due to economic turmoil and the current recession as unpredictable as may be.  Even while some countries,  in ‘cold war’ theoretically, are closing their doors in exports.

Another reason for the influx though still, is considering the open market place for skilled employees.  There really is hundreds and thousands of openings across our nation.  We have a constant ongoing effect of the multi tasking, that now requires an element to the sub category of any titled position.  Mostly those who are highly educated and the type of folk that has been blessed with opportunities from college youth, to being established, really have the upper advantage.  You are a great net worker and or has ties to the certain “in” know someone reference type.

However, for the rest of us, and those we can learn from.  A good fit for a new hire contains the possibilities of personality psychological testing conductive the match for overall atmosphere, going above and beyond, a personality demeanor that fits with the company and the passion to contribute.  Yes, passion. Also and In basic terms, you need the education, stamina, perseverance to prove worthy of interest to the employer.  For those who are or or not somewhere in the middle, research some articles through LinkedIn, your local career center, private temp agencies, get a blog or a website, and gain some experience in networking.   I personally have a hard time doing this, yet, this really can be taught through practice and asking for some mock interviews through a number of different companies if you ask.  This really is a no brainier…its just fact and encouragement.

Also, no matter your path, your age, I have heard over and over again, to pursue your goals in smaller pieces that lead to something more of your liking, skill set.  Highlight your recent skills by incorporating the skill set that your really looking for on your resume.

Some candidates are screened per phone interview, others have up to three interviews with various members of the company.  Unfortunately, for some of those, with all there incredible talent,  are competing against hundreds  for the same position opening.  It is a norm in 2018 and I suspect it will lie there in, to only wake up with each new year with even more forwarding demands.  You need to be ready…trained to process the position, look up all its information; from company manager, to history, to google reviews, to weighing in with what exactly it is you CAN DO.  Today’s economy is really about fictionalizing your personality highlights and niches with everything you can give and then some.  You just need a welcome mat… establishments and non profit agencies are here to help you, get connected.  Each county across the nation, there is also some sort of resource that is almost kind of hidden in a way, usually a non profit agency, resourced through churches or local employment agencies.  Find it.  It will work.  I promise.

Again human resources are often met with a highly educated human recourse department before even considering an applicant.  The hiring process that the company must also consider is loss revenue for one wrong fit, commonly known as a poor selection, For example, take a nursing position  open in a hospital…, a poor fit could cost the company up to $100,000 per loss if the new hire doesn’t work out. Companies looking for skilled workers are in high demand, while companies looking for service related personnel has a high turnover rate, thus, creating a whirlwind of unnecessary stress for both management and employees.  Much of this can be reduced if we begin to instill proper informed human resources and highly trained interviews.  This should be taking place even into labor inductive companies.  This would reduce stress and help keep their employee’s motivated without the micro management (Im not a fan of) and little support a lot of these companies are not considering, despite they are large part of the American workforce.  It is now, not unheard of at most national level state employment to incorporate the introduction of managing stress.  (see other article on stress in the workplace)

I’m very informed as to the reality of our current workplace wanted skills.  According to the source of the World Economics Forum the ten most wanted skills are as follows:  @complex problem solving.  @critical thinking.  @creativity.  @people management.  @coordinating with others.  @emotional intelligence.  @judgment and decision making.  @service orientation.  @negotiation.  @cognitive flexibility.   That is asking us to be more informed, more resourceful, than ever.  It also summarizes multi-tasking fairly well.  In fact, while most of us can multi-task, (in lament terms; paying attention to several things at once), it is often not of our genetic human makeup to deliver such a huge performance, thus often causing burnout and high employee turnover rate.

We need to take the skills we enjoy and turn them into our passion and let that still be the American dream.  Working hard to earn that respect should rather make for all around healthier Americans. We can afford to educate the workplace…incorporate that into our schools, workplaces and companies that actually better the individual. We can reduce stress without Americans having such high staggering numbers of diseases, sicknesses and poverty that ultimately brings chaos, individuals suffering from symptomatic addictions or dysfunctional families that a lack of support and education does.  Do we not still have choices?  Have we not risen above our forefathers and the industrial period.  Perhaps a little old fashioned yet and still…its still out there.   Just a thought.

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