Art in Dance; Pioneer-ism to Today

If one the finest things in life is the destiny of fine arts played out with passion, then let theater roar.  Let there be sound, music and dance.  Since the revolutionary roaring twenties and decades past, theater and dance has kept itself evolving from composition theories of linear movement towards new combined creative expression involving light, sound and new idea’s of expression through fundamentals of movement.  Ideology of bare and raw talent within artistic physical flame, modern dance technique took genres of establishment.

Some responsible pioneers game of brilliant performers include Merce Cunningham himself, Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham and Rudolf Nereyev.  Each providing a contributing concern or act in valued lesson for the one before.  This is only a least in mention with in the handful of notable contributors towards the evolution as we know of today.  Allowing these principles to shine through pioneer-ism among any relative theory helps us to explore the value of study in movement through composition and reveals the greatness of artistic expression in performance and visual substance.

In today’s world as we know it, dance has evolved tremendously.  Witnessed by and through a few television competitions (one of my favorite is J-Lo as one of the judges) through various performances.  Dedicated individuals and groups perform the downright unimaginable.  Dance has always been athletic, however, when you get six kids to perform a hip hop and stay completely in sync, make it look effortless, you know they are at the top of there game.  Out done Micheal Jackson robotic movements to using a tool that highlights a story, to incorporating perhaps a gentle looking gymnastic flips, floor moves and more,  these ‘athletes’ are more than our comprehension could even imagine.

I took an elective in college, Dance 101.  I loved it.  In my youth I was awarded a yearly birthday gift, for about ten years,  from my grandmother, to take pop/hip hop dance classes.  I loved it.  I loved dancing and the freedom from your body within, the expression, the music and the art form.  I understand the techniques completely, but, now…its a whole new generation, and those of you who rock and excels at dance, well that is pretty amazing.

What else is amazing is the incomparable prelude show before each Olympic games.  Each one out does the other.  Synchronicity and story telling through acting and dance of thousands of hired people, ‘athletes’, to meet the high expectation of the show is practiced years before hand the actual performance.  One of my favorites was the industrial revolution theme based in England.  These art directors, theater directors, lighting and sound and computational directors are insanely good. I find these shows a definite gift to our senses.

Perhaps quite a few years ago, I discovered a dance company worthy of mention.  May you appreciate this most creative, uninhabited, unexpected and delightful administration on your senses from the following dance company of Pilobolus.  The most exemplary performance of modern theater dance out performs any notion of comparison for its high tech ingredients and flow of perfection.  Childlike in awe, contrasting images display variety of elemental tones.  Shadow Land highlights the understated dedication for those bigger than life soul spirit felt characters in this unique applause.  In my belief, the comparison is the change that’s constant, the evolving of inheritance belonging that seems to be a production meant for both young and old. Pilobolus ballet dance company’s intellect enriches us to a degree higher than any combination of exemplary aesthetics could do.  View scenes from Shadow Land at YouTube.

When I attended a small Christian school for a year, (way back in the day) we attended a daily bible teaching by our Pastor.  One teaching that always stood out to me, was that dancing was a sin.   I inwardly held guilty as charged because of a love for dancing.  I can understand the suggestion though, its main teaching was to war off the old sin as of a cause to lust.  Today’s church – or common place, our own living rooms, has changed drastically by acceptance through culture, steroids…(lol,) nah… and trendy new easy ways to entertain.  Commonly now, especially in mega churches, incorporating bands and even dance, consider this as a form of worship.  I don’t mind some of that,  some Christians do and some do not.  I just like to hear my own voice and then a few neighbors too.  So, each to there own, whatever God moves through you.  I do appreciate the verses from Psalms 150: 4 – 6.  “…and there was dancing and singing and clashing of the cymbals….”



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