Advocating Fine Arts and my Ancestors

This is a photo of our cities capitol local art museum a building outside designed specifically with integrated symmetry

I just need to ask,  where are the fine arts going?  Is there little budget in our public schools for some area’s or all together?  Has everything become so digital today that small art galleries are disappearing?  Is it only in the arts and crafts fairs held twice a year somewhere locally we envision ones idea of the craft in itself?  The painstaking consideration, detail and a love of labor, where are they now?  How, if you are an artist or designer of sorts do you begin to make a statement that’s bold, that lasts, that coincides with the revolutionary or contemporary?  Are only the highly educated engineers with dynamic skills for creating sculpture and such large pieces they belong in a city park, or the local established city or state art gallery?

I’d like you to consider what the fine arts really bring to your community…I am not on a podium or marching to a beat or am not even trying to, yet, I am sharing publicly as an individual.  So, simply put, how can a very talented individual begin to use his or her niche in a world where the arts are being thrown out of our school systems and no one told you after completing four years of college in the fine arts you needed to be a marketing executive.  Well,  please don’t give up!  There is always a way, even if it takes a while.  In actuality, Im not sure if advocating for the fine arts in school, your town, your community or your county seat.

Obviously in today’s world we see an array of published art included with CAD.  That’s great, however, besides three to ten art galleries across the country, and arts and crafts fairs. I would like to see more original work in person.  I grew up further inland from Rockport, MA, and I love art colonies.  Many larger cities incorporate a desire to “upgrade” and integrate the fine arts around the town, with outdoor brick walls murals, and in parks; sculpture or colorful abstract structures, and you might see lots of fun art painted around town on signs. Even on the sides of public  buses, graffiti on the trains,  ect… I just have to say I sure would not like to see the arts disappearing and not being incorporated in and throughout towns and cities.   My son happens to go to great high school where the magnet program offers tons of art forms in classes.  However, back in Florida, the schools had limited funding for the one art class elective a child could take.  So, I know across America its different in every county.

I would had fought or at least tried to negotiate the school board if my son loved and appreciated fine arts.  Gee, that sounds bias.  Its not, Im a single mom, I can only do so much.

Yes and so I have loved art since a little girl, as I grew up with many books on famous paintings, paintings hanging in general and art class all through high school also known for one of best art departments throughout a tri-state area.  I did attend Cape Cod Community College for two semesters of fine arts quite a while back, and I believe most of the facility graduated strait from Harvard.  I have met and know particular persons for their natural talent, some left handed gifted individual whose photographic memory truly is artist by nature.

Recently, this past year, I did submit one of my pieces to the local cities transportation center to enlarge your work onto a bus terminal.   My piece was met through the review board, it was nominated, except I do not own photoshop of any kind and the attachment could not gather enough d.p.i.’s .  Im about a year and half new to this American city, and I thought this was great and great to see  a city incorporat art, even on a bus terminal!  I love it.

I am also a deliberate and excellent observation of sorts and believe I  have a fantastic eye for “a best” smear campaign.  I instantly recognize good and evolving art and then the not so much,  like really your shit actually sold.  Yeah, or the entrepreneur that has a a manufactured art assembly line and sells it in Walmart for like twenty or more bucks. I took appreciation of art of college, I just would like to see more hands on art throughout cities.

So, I’d like share a little generational history here.  Because It has to do with the fine arts.  I’m a fourth generation strait from the Mayflower.  My great ancestor rode in second to continue across the path of Massachusetts  Paul Revere’s on core so famously known as town crier that the British were coming.  (this will come full circle)…

Another was prominently known as one of a small group of men who started a small town in NH.  Thus, to this day, includes a large fine art portrait  of Mr. Prescott (my great great uncle) and has currently a historic Inn named after him. (“The Prescott Inn”)  Actually its quite set to the almost stoic and absurdly clean with antiques everywhere including a creaking 100 year old wooden planked floors kind of place.  Many people love renting a room their during the fall season.  I don’t know why though.

Other direct ancestors, Prescotts earlier from Europe, partially responsible for the Prescott centuries old prestigious college in England.  There were these famous paintings from Europe and apparently, extremely fragile and expensive art was to be brought over to New England.  This ancestor, a great great great uncle or cousin, crossed into major commuting cities by horse to transfer these historical pieces to be exhibited through NHC, Harvard, Yale and a few other ivy league colleges through the few coastline states of N.E.  Its quite fascinating.  In fact, their daughters great daughter of course was my Nana.  She skipped a year of school and in a small town of New England, she graduated class valedictorian.  I think though, and she honestly couldn’t help it, thought she was thoroughbred.  Or half anyway.  she got away with acting it for many years. LOL. Oh gee, perhaps that makes me part thoroughbred. eh hem; sneer.

Then, my father’s father, from Germany,  was supposedly a rich Jewish young man the time of his birth, though raised back then by his Oma and never knew his real father, its interesting to mention, at least to anyone interested.

At one point in my twenties, I had traveled across the nation seeking only “colonies”.  Heard alot of artists try and do this, either that or march to some protest in DC.  I had elaborated a large carry case art portfolio and sought out art galleries and searched only those elaborated into 24/7 artsy intellectuals.  There are nooks and crannies where these artists live, usually in within a couple of hidden off the beaten path type roads.

So, If you are new to the arts, and marketing your work, young enough to travel around…its great fun and experience to sink deep curiosity into living this life, its quite an intriguing, unforgettable observation and learning experience.

So, if your not already an established graphic designer, gallery representative or on the board of your local community for fine arts, (sneer).    Perhaps, try advocating through your children’s schools, understand and research the importance of innovation and creativity.  Pursue all arts and crafts fairs, try talking to a few artists as they might share the subscription to an insider information magazine for submitting art work, fee’s, and a guide to some of the very best fairs in the nation.  Buy the latest version from writers and artists digest books published new yearly with the latest updates.  Designate a website to your art, graphic design, logo design and freelance, and apply through some available markets through the book,  is a wealth of information.  Always take a picture of your creation if it is done with raw materials.  Even sand sculpting, professional photography, large and small stone carvings if you are in a place to gain the tools.  Jewelry making, crafts that require usefulness are great too.  If  you are a creative…Its worth the time to be cultured and innovative, the world is always looking for something fresh, new, bold, simple, complex, romantic, symbolic and says a statement !  Invest your time wisely…remember time management and go for it!


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