I think as human doings-beings-sapiens we all have amazing capacity for integration, intelligence, reform-change, adaption and God intelligence. God intelligence is our spiritual path towards change. Soul. Intelligence and learning could be reformed as mind. Our ability to adapt to any physical and emotional changes, or reformed to act upon could be visibly seen as … Continue reading Mindfulness

Satire – Getting Ready, Words with Resumes

Great resumes get great attention and interviews.  I personally think mine looks good, I have a variety of skills and an associates degree plus quite a few certifications. While I am extremely professional and proficient at almost anything from receptionist to libraries to restaurants to activities coordinator, there are those jobs you would just love. … Continue reading Satire – Getting Ready, Words with Resumes

Can Happiness be Achieved? (Depression #2)

Happiness, as most know, are a combination of ups and downs throughout their lives with hopes, dreams and memorable moments.  The term happiness being used in this chapter is more like an even toned element of situations, conversations and how you see yourself.  Its not always happening, but, there are ways to reach, the most … Continue reading Can Happiness be Achieved? (Depression #2)

How Dare You Say You Are Depressed

If I were to be homeless I think Id like it. Who, exactly, does that and why? I dream of dropping off the grid, living in a mobile home vehicle and settling where ever, traveling where ever and meeting whomever just for the sake of responsibility to myself, my passions and for the sake of … Continue reading How Dare You Say You Are Depressed

The Consequences of Shunning

Repost:  written by C.K Wren For a company to run smoothly there must be harmony, cohesion and respect in the office among the co-workers. Cliques, office politics and shunning people in the workplace can lead to an ineffective office and a hostile work environment. You do not have to like all of your co-workers, but … Continue reading The Consequences of Shunning

Commentary on Homelessness

This is the response I gave according to a writing and question query and forum.  The first person in the first paragraph is Ducan.  He is 22.  I commented below his story.  This is his story... In high school, I was the class nerd. I had a 4.0, very rarely missed school, and was generally … Continue reading Commentary on Homelessness

We live in an age where people can think, live and believe whatever they want…?

My answer reflects the same on questions and answers site. How can people believe this is good. Their are repercussions for our actions following thoughts in our personal lives. We might not be breaking the law, but, we are annihilating our own consciousness. We are born to know and understand right from wrong and says … Continue reading We live in an age where people can think, live and believe whatever they want…?

Slavery and Human Trafficking

It wasn't my intention to begin an interest of human trafficking.  However, I found myself deeply immersed into research on this topic.  I mean, never, ever, never did I thought it would affect me directly.  And by happen chance ran strait into a highly personal conversation with a young woman who's husband sold her into … Continue reading Slavery and Human Trafficking